Meals from nearby stores that match your dietary needs

If you own a food store, schedule a call with us and let's talk about how we can help people with dietary needs find meals that match their diet when outside. Nutritional information on store products is limited and scattered throuhout the internet, but together we can change that.

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How it works

Do you own a food store?

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Create a business account
Are your healthy meals produced with a consistent quantity of each ingredient? Then come on board with us and help people find meals that match their dietary needs. Submit this form to request a business account.
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Add products
Upload your meals, along with their nutritional information, to our platform. If you haven’t already calculated the nutritional values, you can either do so on your own with our facilitating tool or let us undertake the whole process.
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Make people's life easier
When it’s time for people to eat, they can find the right meal based on their diet, thanks to the nutritional info of your meals! You can keep track of how many customers have viewed your products and been converted to customers.

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What's in it for you?

Gain more customers

Do you produce snacks or meals that could match specific diets? Reach out to a target audience that is looking exactly for that.

Promote transparency

Publish the nutritional information of your products. Nowadays, people value transparency, and knowing what they eat is very important.

Increase Customer satisfaction

Everyone who finds a meal from your store, thanks to the nutritional values, is going to be a happy and probably a recurring customer.


Have questions? We're here to help.

There is no entry fee!

We charge based on the amount of times your store page, or a product of yours is clicked. The payment is proportional to the amount of users and traffic you get.

The only extra fee is the nutritional analysis of your products, only when you choose us for undertaking the whole proccess.

The immediate benefits of joining Nutrifolio are gaining more customers, increasing customer retention and promoting transparency as one of your company's values.

We are also focused on tracking behaviour patterns on our end users (your potential customers). As such, we can provide you with useful customer insights, to better focus your efforts on a specific target group, for a predetermined fee.